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About Mosaic Life Care

What is Mosaic Life Care Limited?

Mosaic Life Care is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to address social isolation, in particular around Canberra in the ACT with programs that offer support and encouragement.

Mosaic Life Care is here to support parents and carers in Canberra facing social isolation. Our compassionate and well-trained mentors are like 'friends with a purpose,' helping vulnerable individuals and families achieve their goals and strengthen their connections.

Our mentor engagements typically last about 12 months. During this time, our mentors provide guidance, support, and encouragement to participants, ensuring a consistent source of companionship and assistance.

To ensure the success of our mentorship programs, we have a dedicated COACH Coordinator who supports both mentors and participants. The COACH Coordinator maintains healthy relationships and helps participants access mainstream support services as needed.

To ensure the success of our mentorship programs, we have a dedicated COACH Coordinator who supports both mentors and participants. The COACH Coordinator maintains healthy relationships and helps participants access mainstream support services as needed.

Mosaic Life Care proudly offers 'The COACH Community Mentoring Program' as part of our license agreement with Crossway Life Care and Mission Australia. We are one of several hundred COACH partners across Australia, working together to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by social isolation.

Join us at Mosaic Life Care as we strive to create a community where no one feels alone. Together, we can build stronger connections, enhance well-being, and create a brighter future for families in Canberra and beyond.

Who are Mosaic Life Care Limited?

Mosaic Life Care Limited is co-located with Mosaic Baptist Church in Page, ACT. 

Our staff includes an Executive Director and a Family Mentoring Program Coordinator.  We are a company limited by guarantee and governed by a professional Board of Directors. Mosaic Baptist Church is its sole member. 

Meet our team below.

Our Team

Damien Hughes, Chairperson & Director

Damien is a leadership stylist with a passion for learning. His business builds people’s capability and confidence to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

A creative, collaborative, and positive environment of change is what Damien seeks to develop. He enjoys inspiring others through their growth journey, and his work identifies the creativity, capability and mental fitness people need to succeed.

Growing up in Belconnen gives Damien a unique understanding of our community's complex challenges. Damien’s deep-rooted understanding and business acumen equip him to manage these complexities well.

Damien’s qualifications include a Master of Business Leadership and professional coaching certification. His leadership goal is to facilitate positive change across all areas of the community he serves.

Image of James Ramsay, Director
James Ramsay

Reverend James Ramsay, Director

James is a strategic learner who loves to connect the dots both systemically and personally and bring relational health to everything he is a part of.

Holding degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Theology allows James to bring together a tailored mix of qualifications that results in a perspective that is academically astute, spiritually insightful and understanding of the human condition.

James’ career has always centred around helping others; whether it be getting homeless young people off the streets of Sydney, settling refugees into their new life from the airport, spiritually guiding dementia patients in hospital, providing hope for those grieving, or coaching married couples through the crazy cycle.

James is proud to currently lead a faith community of a few hundred amazing people at Mosaic Baptist Church all with the same heart to make a positive difference in this world we share.

As a founding director, James’ passion to see Mosaic Life Care champion others through evidence-based programs and support helps ensure we are always compassionately focused on real world outcomes for people. And as a talented communicator, his ability to pass on his convictions has helped to mobilise a large number of our valuable volunteers.

Image of Aimee Kent, Director
Aimee Kent


Reverend Aimee Kent, Director

Aimee currently serves as Community Relationships Minister at Uniting CareKippax (UCK).

UnitingCare Kippax exists to support people who may be facing significant life changes or challenges. They provide wraparound community services to deliver genuinely holistic support to locals. 

Aimee is integral in working with people in the West Belconnen local community who need additional support to live a decent life.

She is an expert in facilitating spaces that accommodate all who want an opportunity to participate in our community. 

Image of Chris Hamer, Treasurer
Chris Hamer

Chris Hamer, Director & Treasurer

Chris is a Chartered Accountant with over ten years professional practice experience across the audit, tax, and financial reporting service lines.

Currently an Associate Director within KPMG’s CFO Advisory service line, Chris places a strong emphasis on quality assurance of financial information, data analytics, and the internal control environment within which the finance function operates.

Holding degrees in Commerce and Science Chris brings together a unique set of skills that help him to deliver successful outcomes for his clients in the government and not-for profit industries. 

As the treasurer of Mosaic Life Care, Chris will draw on his previous board and professional experiences to ensure compliance and governance requirements are met in order to support the Mosaic Life Care programs that will deliver life-changing outcomes for those in the Belconnen community. 

Image of Tecia Thompson, COACH Coordinator
Tecia Thompson

Tecia Thompson, COACH Director

Tecia manages and coordinates the COACH Mentoring program by facilitating healthy relationships with referral agencies and individuals. She also generates, equips and supports a volunteer base, while administering confidential records and outcomes.

Seeing people flourish inspires and motivates Tecia to form positive connections with people from all walks of life. Her impartial community focused passions are founded upon 
faith-based, tertiary humanities education.  Tecia is currently extending her knowledge and understanding of supporting vulnerable people well by studying psychology.

As COACH Director, Tecia enjoys connecting vulnerable people to faithful friends with purpose. She is thankful to support diverse families and individuals meet their own set goals. Tecia strongly believes COACH creates opportunities and casts hope for all. She is encouraged to see lives transformed through these safe mentoring relationships. 

Tecia values being part of COACH’s charitable work and cherishes her current Chaplaincy work with children and families too. She looks forward to helping more vulnerable people flourish. 

Before starting community work, Tecia worked as a travel agent and administrator. She still loves life’s adventures.

Icon of a person advertising vacant role
Expressions of Interest: Board of Directors


Seeking Expressions of Interest: 
Board of Directors

We are currently calling for Expressions of Interests for the Board of Directors of Mosaic Life Care. 

Role: The role of the Mosaic Life Care Board is to provide governance and strategic leadership to the organisation.  Mosaic Life Care is looking to add to the number of Directors on its Board and are seeking individuals with the right mix of skills, knowledge, experience and passion. 

Board positions are voluntary and appointments are made for a two-year period with the option of extending the appointment for a further 2 years.

Please find the details of the role in the below PDF.

Return your Expression of Interest by emailing