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Looking for a Mentor?

Are you looking to strengthen your social connections and networks here in Canberra?

Would you like to have a ‘friend with purpose’ who is prepared to journey with you to meet a goal for you and your family?

• Do you feel isolated and lonely?

• Would you like help to cope with the day-to-day challenges?

• Would you like an encouraging, non-judgmental person to talk with and encourage you to reach your goals?

• Would you like support to manage aspects of your life better?

Are you looking for a mentor to assist you?

A COACH Mentor is a friend with purpose who offers practical help and mentoring towards life goals.

They live here in Canberra and have been thoroughly trained and submitted to a thorough background check and assessment of their personality and temperament.

Your participation in the COACH mentoring program is always completely free of cost. You will never be asked for money.

We ask for something more valuable: your time and energy.

Our mentors can meet with you regularly, usually once weekly. We want to help you reach your goals, and our experience shows this usually takes around 12 months.

If the program no longer suits you at any point the match can be terminated.

Multiple members of the same family unit (for instance, a young adult and parent or carer) can be matched with a mentor.

Would you like to learn more about having a COACH Mentor?

Fill in the details below to help us understand how best we can get things started for you.

Please indicate in the message section the best time to contact you. 

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