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What we do

We provide the COACH Family Mentoring program specifically geared toward families with children under 12 in Canberra.

What is included in the COACH Family Mentoring Program?

A friend with a purpose for a period (usually 12 months) of structured regular mentoring toward a life goal.

The life goal is entirely up to the participant. 

Examples of life goals are; improved community links, substance use reduction, and improved family cohesion.

Each friend with purpose, or COACH Mentor, is trained and supported to establish and respect clear boundaries between their roles as COACH mentors and their faith.  

This means that Mosaic Life Care Limited offers its mentoring program with no prejudice regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Mosaic Life Care delivers the COACH Family Mentoring Program under license from Crossway Life Care and Mission Australia. 

COACH is an established network of programs based on providing ‘friends with purpose’. 

The program has been in operation in many communities in Australia and the UK. 

The program was evaluated by Monash University in 2012.  Additionally, each hub regularly evaluates its program through feedback from mentors, participants, and referral agencies.

A COACH Community Mentor is a 'friend with purpose' who offers practical help & mentoring towards life goals.

They are local, have been thoroughly trained and submitted to a thorough background check and assessment of their personality and temperament.

Image of the Coach Community Mentoring Program

Mosaic Baptist Church Canberra, established Mosaic Life Care Limited to develop non-crisis community support interventions to address social isolation and cohesion.

The COACH Family Mentor program is our pilot offering.